Зразок вступних випробувань з англійської мови для учнів 5-10 класів

Зразок завдань для конкурсного випробування

5 клас


   1.Читання та переклад тексту:

 My Сlassroom

         I am a pupil. I go to school. Our school is big. There are many classrooms in our school.

         Our classroom is very big, light and clean. There are three windows in it. There are shelves with plants on the wall between the windows. There is a big board in our classroom. There are twenty desks in our classroom. The desks are blue. The walls are pink. You can see many books in the bookcase. They are English books. Our school is very nice. I like it very much.


2. Граматичне завдання


1) Complete the sentences with  a/ an /the / nothing:

1)  …my grandparents live in… old house.

2) ….house has got …kitchen.

3)  ...my sister goes to ….school.

4)  … his father is …taxi-driver.


2 ) Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions:


1) They live…Ukraine.

2) I'm …the room.

3) The lamp is…the vase.

4) The cat hides …the sofa.


3) Complete the sentences with the correct tense form:

1) I usually………….    at school. (have lunch)

2) He…………….in Paris. (live)

3) She……a good student. (be)

4) We……a cow and a horse. (have got)



3. Спілкування на одну із тем:


  1. Розповідь про себе, захоплення.
  2. Моя сім"я.
  3. Моя кімната.
  4. Пори року, погода.
  5. Моє місто.




Зразок завдань для конкурсного випробування


6 клас


1.Читання та переклад тексту:


     I've got a room. I don't often tidy it because I don't have time. I've got  a lot of  CDs. You can see them on the shelves and under my bed. There is only one picture and it's above my bed. My desk is next to my bed and there are two school books on it. There are  three shelves above my desk. In front of my desk there is a chair, and you can see a football behind it. My CD player is on the shelf. It's my favourite thing - I love music. I's a pity I can't play the guitar. But I'm going to take some lessons next year.


2. Граматичне завдання


1) Complete the sentences with a/ an /the:


1)  …my fiend lives in… old house.

2) ….house has got … big garden.

3)  ...my friend goes to ….school….by car.

4)…..the bus driver is… his uncle


2) Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions:


1)      I get up … 7 a. m.

2)      He goes … school in London.

3)      They go… home after their lessons.

4)      She's good…Ukrainian.


3) Complete the sentences with the correct tense form:


1)      My lessons…at 3 p.m. (finish)

2)      Helen… to school on Sunday. (not, go)

3)      It… now. (snow)

4)      What time…you …to school? (come )




3. Спілкування на одру із заданих тем:


1)      Мої захоплення.

2)      Моя сім'я.

3)      Мій робочий день.

4)      Моє місто.

5)      Пори року. Погода




Зразок завдань для конкурсного випробування

9 клас


         1.Читання та переклад тексту


Working at the end of the world

   Antarctica is one of the coldest places on Earth. It's dark for most of the year, and there are terrible snow storms and winds. It's a dangerous, hostile place, and not many people live there.

   A few months ago 22-year-old Chris Post from Pennsylvania, USA, saw an advert for Antarctic firefighters in a magazine. Then he went to survival school in Colorado and learnt how to live in freezing temperatures. For one week he lived in difficult conditions. When he got an offer o a job at the station, 850 miles from South Pole, Chris was delighted. He took the job. His friends think he's crasy. It's not surprising.


2.     Граматичне завдання:


 Use the right  word:


1.  What …you … when they arrive? (did do/were doing)

2. I like your room very much. It's  …  room I have ever seen. ( the tidiest/ the most tidiest)

3.  Do you think we can buy this camera? - Yes, we have … money.( enough/ not enough)  

4. I … to be a vet when I grow up. ( planning/ would like)  

5. I can't stand … exams. ( to take/ taking)

6. Children  … to take toys to school! (don't have to/are  not allowed   

7. You … play computer games this evening if you clean your room first.(may/might)

8. Have you ever… somebody famous? ( meet/ met)

9. When Jake was five, he … stay up late. (could't/ didn't have to)

10. A restaurant is a place… you eat food. (where/that)

11. What's happened to Josh? His room … be tidy! (used to/is used to)

12.   I've known Jane … ten years. (since/for)





3.     Спілкування на одну із заданих тем:


1.      Київ

2.      Лондон

3.      Улюблений письменник

4.      Спорт, спортивні змагання

5.      Улюблена книга






Зразок завдань для конкурсного випробування


7 клас


1.     Читання та переклад тексту:


English Traditions


The English is a nation of stay - at-homes. They have their own customs.

They keep their traditions with great honour. Among the English holidays are

St. Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, All Fools' Day. The English as Ukrainians celebrate the New Year Day on the first of January. On the New Year Eve people give presents. The celebration begins at about 12 o'clock.

At midnight the wireless is turned on and everyone can hear the chimes of Big Ben. Then the party goes on. Sometimes people send presents to their relatives and friends.




2.     Граматичне завдання:


         Use the right word:


1) Cinemas … more popular in the past. (was/ were)

2) What can you … in Washington? ( see/ to see ) 

3) There are more …rivers… lakes in Ukraine. ( then/ than )      

4) The Ukrainians usually … to the cinema for amusement. (go/ are going)

5) Which is  famous theater in Kyiv? ( the most/more)

6) Ukraine … a great contribution to the exploration of outer space.( made /has made)

7) What parts … Great Britain…? (are/is there)

8) The British Isles…from Europe by the English Channel. (separates/are separated)

9) What is more comfortable in England, … cinema or… theatre? (a/the)

10) My dad was born…the 3-d of April. (on/in)

11) Give me … sugar, please! (some/ any)

12) My mother goes to work … bus. (on/by)




3. Спілкування на одну із заданих тем:


2.      Київ

3.      Лондон

            3.  Улюблений письменник

                 4. Спорт, спортивні змагання

     5. Улюблена книга





Зразок завдань для конкурсного випробування


8 клас


1.Читання та переклад тексту:


Online Shopping

     Online shopping is shopping on the internet. This is a great way o shopping for young people nowadays. Why? Because it is the fast and easy and because you can buy products  in online shops which you can't buy in a normal shop. Another important thing is that products in online shops are usually cheaper.

     What do young people buy on the internet? Many of them look for  music and games. They look at the prices of new CDs and DVDs in online music shops. They look for new types of MP3 players - and good prices. They also try to find new interesting games to buy and play with friends in their free time.

     Girls buy clothes over the internet: jeans,, sweaters, skirts, hats and jewellery like earrings and piercings. Some buy old clothes from  the 70s and 80s, when they want to look cool at a party. You can find all kinds of styles.

     Online shop owners know about  young people's likes and dislikes. They do their best to sell tings they know young people like. They know that young people's styles often change, so they offer a big choice of goods. Also their websites are exciting and interesting to look at.


2. Граматичне завдання:

         Use the right word:

1.  There are 5 … in my family. (childs/ children)  

2.  He … walk to school.. ( doesn't / don't )

3.  Ann lives with Lauren and Katie but she doesn't talk to … (them/they)  

4. There … space for the furniture.( isn't much/ isn't many)  

5. Can you … judo?.(go/do)

6. He's good at swimming. He swims … ( fast/ fastly ) 

7. We like … pizza. (make/making)

8. Come in! I… (don't work / 'm not working  )  

9. Sarah and Fred live in Brighton but at the moment they … in an apartment in Venice.

    ( stay/'re staying)

10. I don't mind  … the dishes. ( washing/ to wash )

11. Are you bad … remembering things? (at/ about)

12. I can't drink the tea. It's …! ( hot enough/ too hot )


3. Спілкування на одну із заданих тем:


1.      Мій улюблeний письменник

                        2.   Мій улюблений співак

                        3.   Моя школа

                        4.   Мій друг

                        5.   Мій улюблений шкільний предмет




Зразок завдань для конкурсного випробування

10 клас



1.Читання та переклад тексту:

Bill Gates

     Bill Gates is the world's richest man, who created the world's largest computer company, Microsoft.

   Bill Gates was born on 28 October 1955 in Seattle. His father is a lawyer and his mother was a school teacher. He's got two sisters. When he was 13, Gates became interested in computing. At the age of 17, he sold his first computer program - it helped to plan school lessons, and he earned 4,200 dollars. At school he met Paul Allen, a student who also loved computers. Bill and Paul studied at Harvard, where they made the first compute language program for a personal computer. In  1975  the two friends started the company, Microsoft, which sold microcomputer software.

    A year later, Gates left Harvard because he wanted to work in his Microsoft company. In 1980 he signed an agreement with IBM to provide the operating system MS-DOS, for heir new personal computer, the system was so popular that in 1986 the company earned 61 million dollars.

    Now a multi-millionaire, Gates worked very hard to increase the company's size. He had an idea about computers operating in a network,, and this was very important in Microsoft's success. In the early1990s sales and profits were very high - they were higher than  100 billion dollars in 1999. Gates gave a large amounts  of money to charities and organizations for global health and education.

  Bill Gates enjoys reading and playing golf. He's the author of two books. They were both  best-selling books.

2.     Граматичне завдання:

   Use the right word:

1.  Scientists believe that very soon we …to live in space. (will be able/are going)

2.  If Stuart … to use his camera, he will have to put in some batteries first.( wants/will want )

3.  I … really scared of heavy storms when I was a little girl. ( was used to/ used to be)

4. Most films … by big studios these days. (are make/ are made)

5. Have you heard the news? All the tickets … out yesterday! ( have been sold/ were sold )

6. When he arrived at the station he realized that he … his train ticket at home. ( left/ had left )

7. This is the man … son won the sailing competition in July. ( which/ whose )

8.  If  I had known  about the accident, I … you. (would have help/ would have helped )

9. Sarah and Fred live in Brighton but at the moment they … in an apartment in Venice.

    (stay/ 're staying)

10. I don't mind  … a rest. (to have/having)

11. Are you bad … Maths. ( at / in )

12. I  haven't seen him … last summer. ( for/ since /)


3.     Спілкування на одну із заданих тем:


1)      Улюблена телепередача

2)      Лондон

3)       Київ

4)       Велика Британія

5)      Україна